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Website services



  • Website creation

  • Website redesign

  • Website audit

  • Website updates (content updates; new pages; campaign landing page; anchors)

We are able to build you a new website, redesign your website, or audit your website for improvements. We are also able to make updates to your existing website, including new pages, content creation, content updates, and correct website errors. Currently, a majority of our time is spent on the WIX platform, but let's discuss the platform you need support on.

Digital operations support



  • ​Google form creation & automated notifications

  • Eventbrite creation

  • Research to maximize event exposure

  • Event publishing to various sites based on research (including content creation)

  • Optimization of processes

  • Project plan development

  • Power BI reporting

  • Rental listings creation & review (Airbnb, Vrbo, etc.)

Do you have an event that you need to set up google forms, automated notifications, publish the event on Eventbrite and multiple other websites? We will work with you to create the optimal google forms that ensure the cleanest form of data and maximal insights, but also research where we need to publish your event & publish it for you. We can handle the content creation for you as well.

training for digital tools & consulting



  • ​Training WIX platform

  • Training Google forms

  • Training Project Management tools (Trello, Asana)

  • Social media content plan

  • Organization of processes

  • Organization of Google Drive

  • General consulting

Would you like to educate your staff on how to use the Wix platform, how to create a google form, etc.? We are here to help. Based on your needs, if we have the knowledge, we can help ramp up your team. We are also available to provide consulting services if you need advice on how to reach your audience, how to set up a social media content plan, how to use project management tools to support your digital operations, and much more.

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